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"Customer Satisfaction" is our number One Priority!

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Located in Frisco, Texas BrewZ Brothers Coffee Service, Inc. is a small coffee, tea, water, vending, repair and new equipment installation service.  25 years of experience and knowledge.  Contact us at: or call us today at:  972-294-5680 and we will respond to any questions you may have in reference to your coffee and beverage needs.  "I Guarantee It".  Jon Ragland-President & Owner.

High ROI

Differences between BrewZ Brothers Coffee & Vending Services and big companies that you have to choose from is vast and when you include us in your decision making process, we will show you why its important to your ROI.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wow.  Now this Satisfaction Guarantee is why small businesses like mine, located in Frisco, Texas are still working hard to make sure that our customers get the detailed attention that they deserve and expect.  Our company responds immediately to any problems, concerns , equipment issues and product request.  Instead of calling an 800 number and hope you get on there 24 to 48 hour reponse list, we pride ourselves in either emailing or calling you with whatever your needs are and try very hard to respond the same day.  

Services From a Company that cares

BrewZ Brothers Coffee Service, Inc. - Located in Frisco, Texas

  • Are you tired of being one of the many when dealing with a big coffee or vending company?           
  •                 Then try our award winning small coffee business that cares about you.! 

  1. When considering a coffee service for your company you should look at the following before you make a decision.  ·

  • Free use of commercial coffee equipment. (air pots & air pot display racks, qualified Accts. only)
  • Free installation, fittings & inline water filters ($280 value)
  • NO extra cost for delivery or gas surcharge per delivery
  • Free whitened oxygen coffee filters ($40 value per month based on usage) ·
  • Free delivery and weekly service, includes cleaning coffee equipment, spray heads, checking coffee level and temperature, brew basket, stainless exterior & organizing cabinets for customer convenience, replacement of air pots when needed. ·
  • Annual review with office procurement agent to review pricing and if products go down in price from my supplier, then we will pass the savings back to you as our guarantee to you to provide the lowest prices possible. We will also guarantee the pricing for 2 years and unless our suppliers go up on price then we will guarantee the current contract price through the end of a 2-year contract. If our prices have gone up by the beginning of the 3rd year then we will review that with the Office procurement agent at that time and negotiate a fair increase. 
  • In reviewing our coffee service program, keep in mind that most competitors have a loop hole or small print that allows them to go up in price in case the green coffee market goes up. As I stated earlier, we guarantee the contract price for 2 years. 
  • Free emergency response for out of product or equipment problems. What this means vs. our competitors is that we will break off from our route immediately or when we are done with the account that we are servicing and get there asap to solve the issue.·
  • Free emergency 24-hour service 7 days a week if a major emergency happens and it can’t wait until Monday, I will be there to help.  Instead of an 800 number to call or having it routed to another country, you can call BZB and talk to a real person. · 
  • Free use of a new automatic back up coffee brewer stored in a secured area near maintenance.  To be ready to go in case of any emergency that may occur.  ·  
  • Free use of additional air pots in conference rooms if needed.  (Qualified Accts. only)

Customer Service Support

Located in the fastest growing city in the United States of America:  Frisco, Texas, BrewZ Brothers Coffee, Tea & Vending Services are the ONLY ones in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex that will respond 24 hours a day including weekends and in the middle of the night if a major emergency happens.  We are with you and not just a service but a company that wants to always be part of the solution.

Products, Pricing and Recommendations

Be reassured to know that you will be working with someone that has 25 years in the coffee & vending business that will work with you on what you want and need.  A professional who will recommend that right equipment for your break room needs.  As a small business our main goal is to be a working partner and to continue to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

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New Accounts receive a free case of our award winning Hazelnut Vanilla coffee !!!